Antwaun Sargent on Black Contemporary Art

Episode Summary

From social media to mainstream publications, Sir Sargent (as he is know online) is dedicating himself to ensuring that Black voices in the art world are heard.

Episode Notes

Sir Sargent, as he’s known on social media, represents a new wave of art writers and critics focused on Black contemporary art and its evolving role in an international African diasporic consciousness. He was born in Chicago as Antwaun Sargent, and has called New York home since 2011.

When he first arrived in New York City, he was a kindergarten teacher, but he soon discovered his interest in telling the stories of Black artists and sharing his insights on into a contemporary art world often perceived as opaque and inaccessible. He’s since co-curated his first exhibition, spoken at countless events, and is now working on a book.

I invited our news editor, Jasmine Weber, to join me in this conversation to learn about Sargent’s thought on a scene that is getting more attention than ever.

A special thanks to Amani Fela for providing the music for this episode.