The Artist as Lawyer, an Interview with Sergio Sarmiento about Art Law

Episode Summary

Sergio Sarmiento went to law school as an art project, but now he is an authority on the burgeoning field of art law. We talk copyright, contracts, Richard Prince, Sam Durant, Banksy, and a lot of other things.

Episode Notes

The world of art has become more complicated as copyright, appropriation, and other issues force artists, dealers, collectors, and others to turn to lawyers for help. As foibles around the sale and maintenance of luxury art objects grab media headlines, you might be fooled into believing the future of art is in litigation.

I invited Sergio Sarmiento to join me to talk about the evolving world of art law and discuss why he went to law school as an art project, what he thinks about some recent sensational cases (Richard Prince/Instagram, Sam Durant at the Walker Art Center, and the recent Banksy auction stunt) and his thoughts on how appropriate has changed from the 1970s.