The Book Object as Exhibition, an Interview with Dayanita Singh

Episode Summary

We talk to Singh her discontent with photography that simply exist on the walls of art galleries and museums, and why she prefers to create objects that she conceives as mini-exhibition.

Episode Notes

Artist Dayanita Singh wasn’t happy taking photographs in the traditional way, preferring to create what she calls “book objects,” mini-exhibitions to showcase her work. Singh  plays with the conventional language of art, and even calls herself an “off-set artist” to denote her preferred way to display her images.

She is currently exhibiting in the Carnegie International exhibition in Pittsburgh, and she has a small retrospective of her book objects at Callicoon Fine Art on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. I talked to her about her love of images, a formative (and funny) experience she shared with Robert Frank, and the future of the artist book.

A special thanks to Flash Trading (flashtrading.bandcamp.com) for providing the music for this episode.